Welcome To Pitchfork Production

Bringing new work to audiences.    

Making work for actors. 

NewIF    Ian Flintoff, Director - Pitchfork Production      Ian Flintoff (US)    

PITCHFORK PRODUCTION is an open-door and democratic professional company

that aims to give opportunities to the vastly underused performing talent in the UK.

We also strive to put on genuinely thoughtful and entertaining new work.

We try to avoid the clichés and overdone issues which pass for cutting-edge in much contemporary theatre. If we are out to shock, it is to shock with ideas.

We have considerable respect for the intelligence of audiences and we try to place before them issues that are urgent and contemporary or entertainment that is fresh, funny, but never condescending.

We are a small company, with a very limited budget, so our productions tend to be modest, with small casts and functional sets.

We want to hear from anybody with ideas for scripts, venues and performances.

The play Gatsby at Trinity was performed in Trinity College, Oxford, by students (June 2019). This too is what Pitchfork seeks to encourage. The play was from the novel of the same name by Ian Flintoff, who also did the play-script. See futher details on this site.