About Us

maskiconbluePitchfork began with a production in the 1990s of Paul Constable's play "Gladness" ("Falling Through") which was set in Russia at a time when the old regime was crumbling and the takeover by a new mafia was underway. The play was remarkable for brilliant performances, in particular from Larissa Kuznetsova and Erich Redman. The four-hander brought together talented performers from Texas, Moscow, Germany and Australia.

We welcome new work from all writers anywhere, and are especially interested in work from other countries in the European Union - much of which is unknown in Britain.

It was in this spirit that we produced "Hay Que Deshacer la Casa" by Sebastian Junyent and "Voltaire Rousseau" by Jean-Francois Prevand. Neither of these award-winner writers have ever had their work done elsewhere in Britain. Thanks to an initiative from Jeff Kaplow we also did an upbeat version of "Waiting Room Germany" by Klaus Pohl.