Previous Projects

jo&anoukaclearthehouseClear The House - UK premiere (English translation, by Pitchfork, from the original Spanish (Hay Que Deshacer la Casa) by Sebastian Junyent. Winner of Spain's Lope de Vega Prize. Read review.

Cloning The Unicorn - new play, UK premiere (Ian Flintoff)

Deuce! Voltaire vs Rousseau - UK premiere

Gladness - new play, UK premiere (Paul Constable, Australia)

Gods of War and Peace - drama anthology

The Meno - dramatised from Plato

Plato and Women - dramatised from The Republic of Plato

Re:Generation - a performance on war, peace, religion and mythology

philiprham&estherzscieschowwaiting room germanyVoltaire Rousseau - UK premiere (in French, Jean-Francois Prevand, Paris)

Waiting Room Germany - with music and dance, UK premiere (Klaus Pohl)

Woman - new play, UK premiere (Ian Flintoff). Read review.

The Other Shakespeare by Roy Chatfield, venues in Stratford-upon-Avon and Oxford

x=0 a Night of the Trojan War - first modern revival (John Drinkwater, 1916)

No Man's an Island by Richard Mitchell, California, USA (at Oxford Arts Centre, OFS)